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First Solent launches ‘Tap on Tap off’ contactless bus payments

  • New tap on, tap off (TOTO) technology gives best value fares for customers
  • Contactless payments help personalise pricing based on usage
  • Daily/weekly price caps allow unlimited travel for a fixed price

Local bus operator First Solent is launching Tap on Tap off (TOTO) technology, in partnership with Portsmouth City Council, across its routes to provide customers with easy contactless payments and personalised fares.

From Sunday 26 November, customers traveling in Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport will be able to use their contactless device - bank card, smartphone or smartwatch - to pay for travel.

The Tap on Tap Off (TOTO) technology gives customers the best price for their journeys, allowing more personalisation, so people are charged based on their individual travel requirements.

This has been made possible thanks to the Portsmouth Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) a £48 million government funded scheme which is transforming bus services in the Portsmouth.

Customers can travel on buses as much as they like, while ensuring they’ll never pay more than the daily or weekly cap, however many trips they make. For customers only taking one short hop, they’ll only be charged for that.

The technology is already in place on Eclipse buses which operate between Fareham and Gosport and will mean all passengers using First Solent buses can now make use of the option to TOTO.

TOTO not only provides frictionless travel but also allows for speedy boarding and no need to ask the driver for tickets.

The TOTO technology offers:

  • Daily travel from as little as £4.90 in the Portsmouth zone or £7.80 in the Hampshire zone.
  • Payment via contactless cards and contactless phone payments (including watches).
  • No need to pay the driver or choose a ticket to buy upfront, simply Tap on with the driver and Tap off on the dedicated reader (with the same form of payment) as you leave
  • Customers can check their fares and payments by logging in here:

Tap on Tap off

James Eustace, Commercial Director for First Bus South, said:Tap on Tap off technology allows our customers ultimate flexibility. We’re delighted that everyone using our routes in Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport will now be able to benefit.

“With rising costs, we know bus travel is a cost effective way to get around, and capped fares help our customers know exactly what they are spending. Whether customers use the bus every day, or only travel occasionally, TOTO ensures everyone automatically gets the best price for their journey.”



Notes to editors


  • Customers will never pay more than £4.90 a day in the Portsmouth zone (£5.50 on the Eclipse or £7.80 in the Hampshire zone) or £19 a week (£22.50 on the Eclipse or £27 in the Hampshire zone), no matter how many journeys are made.